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Style Sheet changes (custom look and feel) in OBIEE

Posted by sranka on May 23, 2008

Hi All,

Here I will try to talk about one of the famous problem every one talks about the look and feel change of the OBIEE dashboard out of the box . Spent last whole week figuring out how to achieve the same look and feel for new upgraded Dashboard vs the old dashboard. To my surprise the changes lied in only 4 xml and 3 css files. After going through whole OBIEE documentation and Venkant’s blog things looked simple but they were not that simple. Here I will try to simplify things more. To change UI all it take is to make changes to following files

1.   Logon.css – Stylesheet that sets the font sizes, background color etc resides under Res\sk_Oracle10\b_mozilla_4 folder
2.   LogonControlMessages.xml under web\msgdb\messages folder
3.   LogonMessages.xml  under web\msgdb\l_XX\messages folder
4.   ProductMessages.xml under web\msgdb\l_XX\messages folder
5.   Utilmessages.xml under web\msgdb\l_XX\messages folder
6.   sk_oracle10 – Base skin which provides the images for the login screen.

The key point is to copy all the XML you are going to make the change into the following directory ::


And all the CSS file needs to be copied at the folder — C:\OracleBIData\web\Res 

If you are using IIS as your webserver than things are much easier as you don’t need to go through many hoops as analyticsRes. But if you are using any other webserver than make sure you copy all the changed files (primarily css files) on to the webserver directory e.g. in case of OC4J copy the files at C:\OracleBI\oc4j_bi\j2ee\home\applications\analytics\analytics\res folder.

With my understanding all the CSS will be picked from the Webserver (Oc4J or IIS or Websphere) where in all the XML files will be picked from SAW server.

One more thing what we did was including some of the Java Scripts, we modified commonuitemplates.xml file residing at C:\OracleBI\web\msgdb\messages.

See below some code snippet

<a href=”@{dashboardsURL}” target=”@{target}”><sawm:messageRef name=”kmsgUIPortal”/></a></td>
<td class=”@{classPrefix}Sep”>|</td>
<script src=””></script>
</sawm:if><sawm:if name=”answersURL”><td class=”<sawm:param name=”classPrefix”/><sawm:if name=”product” op=”equals” value=”answers”>Active</sawm:if>ProductCell”>
<a href=”@{answersURL}” target=”@{target}”><sawm:messageRef name=”kmsgUIAnswers”/></a></td></sawm:if><sawm:if name=”advReportingURL||deliversURL||marketingURL||mobileURL||officeURL”><td class=”@{classPrefix}Sep”>

 My next assigment is to open up Answers to end users. Than I will work on making Answers Look and feel same as the dashboard. I will keep you all posted.

Hope this helps

Sunil S Ranka


6 Responses to “Style Sheet changes (custom look and feel) in OBIEE”

  1. Hareesh Rao said

    Hello Sunil, this article is great. Thanks a lot for putting this up. I had a related question for you regarding custom stylesheets in OBIEE.

    There are several elements in the Answers interface where I can supposedly customize the appearance using stylesheets. The following 2 settings are available in the Format tab:

    1. Use Custom CSS Style
    2. Use Custom CSS Class

    I can certainly use the 1st setting to directly specify HTML styles such as “font-family:Arial; color:#6699CC”. But I am not sure how to use the 2nd setting. This is what I would like to do :

    1. Create my own custom stylesheet (say CustomFormat.css) containing different style definitions/classes.
    2. Link up this CSS file to Answers and use my Class definitions to format the appearance of various elements.

    I went through the OBIEE documentation as well as several internet postings, but was unable to find a clear direction on this. Any help on this will be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks in advance,

  2. Shafiq said

    Hi Sunil

    Thank you for this great article. I have one question.

    If I want to add new fonts in my BIEE answers then what I need to do?

  3. Manoranjan Bhol said

    Dear Sunil,
    Wanted to customize the log on screen messages:
    Following are the steps I have done, but the changes are not reflected in the log on screen .

    Can you please suggest what has gone wrong?
    Stopped all the BI services.

    1.Modified custom messages

    2.Copied these modified custom message xmls in to :

    3.Restarted all BI services,oc4j

    But in log on screen the customization did not appear..

    Thanks and Regards,

  4. Srivatsa said

    Hi Sunil,
    This artical is realy very good and useful, Especially whoever on the OBIEE space

  5. Sri Hari said

    Hello There

    I see there are different parameters to render custom skins and stylesheets from different webserver and my customer is trying out the same, but is not very successful.

    Any thought as to how to achieve this? Customer is planning to deploy customer skins on IIS webserver.


  6. Kumar said

    HI Sunil,

    I Am trying to understand, how to change the banner of the dashbord when the presentation services are on IIS web Server. Do we have to still go to C:\OracleBI\oc4j_bi\j2ee\home\applications\analytics\analytics\res folder and replace the JPG file with new JPG file or is it totally new location if we are using IIS Server.
    btw, if we use IIS Server, how to configure BI Presentation services for that IIS Server.
    please post your ideas. i tried searching lot of places but no use.. Oracle docs also have no detailed information

    Thank You

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