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What-If Analysis needs JavaScript on OBIEE

Posted by sranka on July 9, 2009

Hi All,

Apologies for not replying the comments and pings. Was caught up with OAUG conference in May, June was equally tough. My wife has started with her internship and daughter with day care. Life is getting hectic, but can’t complain.  Coming back to the jargon of — WHAT-IF ANALYSIS –. This was one the topic, at least talked about few time during OAUG. But it was always talked in conjunction with hyperion. After putting some thought, came to conclusion that some of the basic What-If can be done using Java Script.

At one of the client place, there was requirement for implementing a report, in which punching some number can project how many more $ worth of product selling needs to be done to attained the goal booking for the current quarter. This requirement was met using custom Java Script and few text box. Since it was very specific requirement, hence not sharing the code. But thought will just share the idea, so that any one want to create WHat-If in OBIEE dashboard, Java Script could be the way.

If you need more detail, you can send me email, I will be more than happy to answer the question.


Sunil S Ranka

4 Responses to “What-If Analysis needs JavaScript on OBIEE”

  1. Christi@n said

    Hi Sunil,

    quite some things are actually possible without using JS. You can “fake prompt” conversion values or rates and then apply them as multiplicators or within mathematical functions in the criteria blocks.

    Works like a charm, just isn’t as fancy as the Hyperion funtionalities of course. That being said…it’s still nicer than JS since you don’t need to to maintain any code.


    • Devang said

      Hi Christi@N,

      I am trying to do the What if analysis in OBIEE 11g and I am trying to take the same approach using the “fake prompt” but things are not working for me in OBIEE 11g. Can you please share more details how you accomplished it?


  2. mike. c said

    email not working need javascript

  3. Saba said

    Hi Sunil Could you pls. provide the code and some heads up for What if Analysis in obiee , as i dont hace Java Scripting knowledge.

    the mail id is :

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