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Collaborate-10 : Round Up

Posted by sranka on May 1, 2010

Hi All,

Its been pending for a week, but go caught-up with “something” (I will share “something” in next few weeks, due to contractual agreement can’t do it for now).

Attended Collaborate-10 at Las Vegas,Nevada,USA. It was good turn around compare to last year at Collaborate-09. Last year at Collaborate-09, we all speakers had a common joke, “only speakers are at the conference, no audience !!!!!!!”. This year it was different, we had lot many people, may be Vegas was the key differentiators. I personally didn’t step out of Luxor, but people said it was nice weather for 1st two days and later it became windy. Due to windy reason the beach party was moved inside the Ballroom. Some of the people from Europe missed out due to Iceland Volcano break out.

The content presented at Collaborate-10 was little different than Collaborate-09/OOW-09 but key differentiator was the Oracle’s commitment to 11g Release. They didn’t announce the dates but it was evident that Oracle has put in lot many hours and its will get into Beta pretty soon. I am hoping, if I can get my hands around it.

Some of the highlights of the Collaborate-10 were :

  • Oracle’s Commitment
  • BI/DW Tracks
  • ACE Dinner on Sunday
  • Monday Game Night with ACE
  • BIWASIG Reception
  • My Session on Wedneday
  • Meeting with fellow ACES
  • BIWA “Get Analytical Training Days”

Oracle’s Commitment

The best part of collaborate-10 was Oracle’s commitment towards 11g and attendees. Mr Robert Gersten (SVP,EPM Products) and Mr Gaurav Rewari (VP EPM Products) presented vision and road map for EPM Products. It was so easy to talk with Mr Robert and Mr Gaurav, with lots of patience they answered all the questions. They even answered questions like “When are you introducing version control, caching etc.” Robert was guest of honor during BIWASIG Reception, his commitment towards customer satisfaction was creditable. One thing is rest assure that EPM product is in very good hands.

BI/DW tracks:

During Collaborate-10, I was focusing more on BI/DW tracks, some of the sessions were really insight full. Oracle’s session about Hyperion by Dave Collins was worth attending. He explained the jargon word EPM. I will try to cover this as part of my next blog. Mike Donohue, covered BI Publishers’s hands on lab. An ETL Framework using Oracle Warehouse Builder by Iam Abramson was worth attending. BIWA SIG‘s discussion panel and BIWA SIG’s reception were highlight.

ACE Dinner on Sunday

Oracle hosted all ACE attending Collaborate-10, at Rick Moonen’s RM Seafood. It was first time ever I had such a great veg dinner at a sea food restaurant.It was my first ACE event, met with fellow ACEs Mark Rittman,Dan Vlamis, “Iggy”, OracleNer Ron Batra,Basheer Khan and Arun Nanda.

Game Night with Oracle ACEs
IOUG arranged a Game nite with all ACEs at IOUG booth in the exhibit hall. It was great opportunity to talk with people and sharing thoughts.

My Session

I presented on Wednesday, April 21, 2010 “How to enrich OBIEE UI using Custom JavaScripting”, it was well received session. Even though it was right after lunch, it was very well attended. Repsponse was positive and had many questions to be answered during and after session.

BIWA “Get Analytical Training Days”

BIWA “Get Analytical Training Days” was a BI conference within collaborate, Shyam,Dan, John, Mark did awesome job on executing the whole event.and for me the highlights of this stream were the bootcamp sessions (single streams that covered a technology from start to finish over the day, with no overlap).

On the closing note, I would like to thank all the OAUG,IOUG, and BIWA volunteer for their hard work and contribution for making this as a huge success.


Sunil S Ranka,
“Superior BI is the antidote to Business Failure”

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