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Mapping the Maze, Online Bloggers to Real World Faces : Pythian Blogger Meetup at OOW10

Posted by sranka on September 27, 2010

Mapping the Maze, Online Bloggers  to Real World Faces : Pythian Blogger Meetup at OOW10

Bloggers Meet

It was that time of the year again — Oracle OpenWorld time — and Oracle bloggers meetup. For those of you who don’t know the history… The Bloggers Meetups during the Oracle Open World were started by Mark Rittman and continued by Eddie Awad, Keeping on with the tradition, Alex Gorbachev from Pythian re-hosted Bloggers meet this year at Jillians.

This was my 1st year of attending the event, When I got the invitation/information through Oracle ACE New Letter, I was very excited but towards the end I was not too sure about attending.  But eagerness to map name to faces made me take steps from Mascone North to Jillian. For people who couldn’t attend the event it was on Wed, 22-Sep-2010, 5:30pm at Lower Dining Room, Jillian’s Billiards @ Metreon, 101 Fourth Street, San Francisco, CA 94103.

I reached at venue just before 5:25PM and saw bunch of people waiting outside the party area at Jillians. I could see some of the know faces of fellow bloggers or Oracel Aces like Asif Momin, Alex Gorbachev, Paul Vallee etc. The doors were opened sharp at 5:30 and we all walked into the private party area. As expected everyone were handed out beer/wine coupon. Even though I didn’t know many faces but sense of connection was prevalent.  I could feel the connection with individuals.  Venue being close to Mascone helped the attendance. As promised in Alex Gorbachev’s blog it was chance to meet online buddies face-to-face in relaxed and informal atmosphere. The event started right on time 5:30PM.

The expectation was to have around 60 people attend, but more 60 people showed up and they almost ran out of beer/wine coupon. Living upto the expectation, Pythian opened up the Tab for everyone. Being strict vegetarian food has been a constant challenge but Pitta with Humus and Veg Spring Roll were quite delicious.

Upon arrival, Alex Gorbachev Welcomed every one, announced about food,  Beer, Wine and most importantly , directions to Rest Rooms . Also Alex Gorbachev asked for a volunteer to read his slide for his Thursday presentation. They had kept T-shirt art contest, on stylish Pythian designer t-shirts. HP X310 Data Vault, price was a motivation factor for getting it signed by fellow bloggers. Also For the best, most creative blog post about the meetup itself, Pythian announced an Apple TV. But, there were  a few small rules.

  1. the blog post must use as many names of people in attendance as possible.
  2. the blog post must be readable. It needs to make sense to someone who wasn’t there. It must be a story and not a list.
  3. the blog post must contain one other small tidbit of information about each individual that you’ll uncover during your “networking” as you weave your fascinating stories of the evening (like their blog name, a contact detail, favorite color, title, hobby, cat’s name, certification, what they were drinking, how much they had to drink…).
  4. the entry must be posted by midnight on Sunday the 26th of September. Please reference this post in your blog and it should be automatically picked up by the blog engine and posted in the comment as a track-back (if it doesn’t appear in the comments for some reason — please do post the link in your comment!

This helped new people to mingle with others. It was a different experience, it was short and nice, it gave me an opportunity to interact with my fellow bloggers. While doing this I solved the puzzle of mapping blogger name to real life faces.I started my T-shirt signing with

1.       Alex Gorbachev : The host. CTO at Pythian. You can find his work and details at

2.       Paul Vallée : Executive Founder of Pythian. Met him first at collaborate 10 Vegas. Amazing dynamic personality with avid business sense.

3.       Minda : Works in CEG startup and friends with Paul Valle (CEO of Pythian)

4.       Asif Momen – I met Asif During Oracle ACE cruise dinner, he presently works in UAE and had flown from middle east for attending the conference. He blogs about DBA and for details you can visit him at

5.       George Woods : He was visiting fro Pittsberg and he an Oracle DBA/SAP Basis, you could visit him at

6.       Martin Nash : He was visiting from UK and when I asked him any interesting thing, he mentioned tha POPE came to visit UK.  You could visit him at

7.        Chet Justice :  The infamous oracleNerd, when asked about something special he mentioned his daughter Katezilla. You can visit him at

8.       Kamran Agayev : I had ran into Kamran during Oracle ACE dinner but didn’t get chance to talk with him, when asked about any thing exciting or different, hementioned that he doesn’t drink beer, same like me. You can visit him at

9.       Svetoslav Gyurov: He is from Bulgeria, you can call him Sve, and writes about Unix & Oracle stories. You can visit him

10.   Fuad Arshad : A Database Architect. you can find his writting at

11.   Christian Bilien : An Ex-Blogger, after looking at Kevin Closson thinking of blogging again.

12.   Iftikhar Mirza : Loves to compare DB2 – Oracle – DB2.

13.   Tariq Farooq : The brainsurface guy. He is trying to revolutionalize IT collaboration. You can see his concept/work at

14.   Jarid Still : Even though his last name is Still, he loves Fast cars. You can visit him at

15.   Riyaj Shamsudeen : Lives in Dallas, TX USA. Loves Crashes and Dumps. He can be visited at

16.   Micahel Majaka : The framework Guy

17.   Iggy Fernandez : The Iggy Pop, I met Iggy last year at Collaborate. Fun guy to talk with. An Accomplished database professional. He has written books on DB. You can get more details at

18.   Philip Mwai – Guy from Kenya, and shares same last as current President.

19.   Leighton : Wites on Oracle DB.

20.   Eric Bezille : The box guy from Sun. He is Chief Technologist, Hardware Business Unit France, Oracle. You can visit him at

21.   Jeremy Schneider : Writes about DB and thinks BI is sexy. You can visit him at

22.   Phil Jaenke : Guy from northeast ohio Unix, Storage, Virt, Cloud guy. Know by his nick name rootwyrm. You can follow him at twitter @ rootwyrm.

23.   Jacob Ramirez : He works at HP and blogs about RAC

24.   John Flack : Oracle Develop guy, at Oracle Events he asks people are you Musician. You can see some of his writing at

25.   Karl Arao : A DBA By heart and attende Oracle Closed World. You can visit him at

26.   Mohan Dutta : aka OCP_ADVISOR, I met Mohan in collaborate through a common friend. Avid blogger and veru active in Oracle User Groups. You can visit him at

27.   Jacco H. Landlust : An Oracle ACE. One more Oracle Closed World Guys. During the conversation he mentioned “Its’ not ablout Caliber, its all about Projectile” A quote from Oracle Closed World. You can visit him at

28.   Vanessa Simmons : The “Log Buffer” lady works for Pythian (The Host) and didn’t know about DB till Jan of this year

29.   Meg Bear : Of talentedApps fame. You can visit her at

30.   Ben Prunsinki : A fellow ACE Director, I have met Ben on several occasion. He likes to Live on the Edge. He has written several books on DB topic.

31.   Kevin Closson : An OakTable Member and you can follow him at

32.   Mark Fielding : A Pythian, likes to work on cutting edge Oracle Technology. Currently working and blogging on Exadata. Visit him at

33.   Gwen Shapira : aka Chen. Lives in the same neighborhood as me, Cupertino, California. I liked her tag line her blog “I’m just a simple DBA on a complex production system”, you can visit her at

34.   Keith Millar : VP sales at Pythian, Paul Vallée introduce me to him. You can visit him at

35.   David Haimes :He blogs on Apps. You can visit him at

36.   Richard Foote : An ACE Director, An Australian, An OakTable member, Blogs about Indexes. He likes to listen to the music of David Bowie. You can visit him at

37.   John Piwowar : Survived OracleNerd during OOW10. You can visit him at

38.   Kim Njeru : Napster Guy.

39.   Bjoern Rost : Calls him self Brian in US. A StarBucks incident helped him change his him. You can visit him at

After T-shirt Art contest the winners were judged and announced, Sunil S Ranka (Me), Asif Momin, and Fuad Arshad. It was close tie between me and Asif and finally Guy from KAS (Asif) won the HP contest. On the closing note “Pythian Thanked Every Blogger for attending the event”. Most importantlyPythian  announced that “THEY ARE HIRING”.


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