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Measure the performance of the OBIEE components

Posted by sranka on December 3, 2010

1. There is a very useful BIEE tool for performance monitoring :


2.This is a checklist to make sure you aren’t committing any design infractions – this doesn’t cover the performance of your network or database sources.

Work on performance from the TOP DOWN! If you are modifying the NQSConfig.INI first you are going the wrong .

OBIEE Performance Checklist

Using aggregates
-Enabling OBI to generate queries against smaller, summarized tables

Constraining results using a WHERE clause
-Limiting the rows returned from a data source

-Fulfilling a query from a local cache as opposed to processing the query through a data source

Limiting the number of initialization blocks
-Initialization block queries are executed when OBI is started and when users log in

Limiting select table types (opaque views)
-Reduces the number of SELECT statements executed by OBI
-May avoid lengthy SQL queries Modeling dimension hierarchies correctly
-Ensuring the OBI chooses the most economical source

Turning off logging
-No overhead for OBI to generate log files

Setting query limits
-Enabling OBI to track and cancel runaway queries

Pushing calculations to the database
-Automatically pushing certain operations to the database based on database feature entries

Exposing materialized views in Physical layer
-Exposing materialized views explicitly guarantees that OBI choose the most economical table source to satisfy a query

Using database hints
-Forcing the database query optimizer to execute the statement in a more efficient way

Setting the NQSConfig.ini parameters
-Setting parameters that affect OBI performance:
—SORT_MEMORY_SIZE: specifies the maximum amount of memory to be used for each sort operation
—SORT_BUFFER_INCREMENT_SIZE: specifies the increment by which the sort memory is increased as more memory is needed
—VIRTUAL_TABLE_PAGE_SIZE: specifies the size of a memory page for OBI internal processing


Hope This Help
Sunil S Ranka
“Superior BI is the antidote to Business Failure”


One Response to “Measure the performance of the OBIEE components”

  1. rnm1978 said

    Hey Sunil,

    Re. perfmon, I’ve just blogged about this in detail here.

    cheers, Robin.

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