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2010 Round Up : OOW10,11g Release,Bloggers Meet etc..

Posted by sranka on January 2, 2011

Dear Readers

Wishing you all a very Happy and prosperous new year. As per Chinese calendar 2011 Year of the Rabbit, which begins on February 3, 2011 and ends on January 22, 2012. I am hoping and wishing that growth and prospect for individual takes the same leap and bound as a rabbit. In general 2010 being very good from personal as well professional front. Year started on great on being nominated as Oracle ACE followed by local conferences, Article nomination in IOUG Best practice booklet,Collaborate in Vegas, 11g Beta Testing, word with Gaurav Rewari and Richard on 11g during collaborate in Vegas, OOW10, the list is end less.

Oracle Open World 201o

Enough has been written about OOW10, but still I wanted to save my comments and experience for last . Attended OOW as blogger and Media person. The them was different, Hardware + Software = Complete Solution, a catchy tag line which attracted many people. Oracle is truely becoming one stop shop. With sun acquisition they have better story. I concentrated mainly on OBIEE 11g stories. The stories were the same from NorCal OAUG to Collaborate to OOW, but the key differentiator was, 11g’s officially release by Oracle. The banner in West Moscone was prevalent, that Oracle is in support of 11g OBIEE. More and more people were asking for details, I spoke to several customers/enthusiastic during 3 days and it was sure that 11g is what people are heading towards. From 10g to 11g its a total para dim shift and with Fusion Middle Ware (FMW) in the mix, its a different beast. I am planning to have series of blogs on 11g, from installation to development. The highlight was Larry’s and Sales CEO Marc Benioff’s War of Words.

“Mark said: ‘Larry doesn’t get it – clouds don’t run in a box’,” Ellison opened, warming up. “OK… so what does he think Salesforce runs on if not a box? Salesforce runs on 1,500 Dell servers, which are Dell boxes!”

With Sun+BEA+(Tens of other companies), it was many more people to be seen in and out of Mascone. I got closer shots of Larry, Mark Hurd and other Oracle VVIPs.

The island party by Oracle was a highlight, black Eyed Peas were simply amazing, from start to finish every moment was cherished and applauded by fans. Over all it was worth of time.

Oracle’s 11g Release

I would say one of the most anticipated BI release. People eargrly waited for this release, more than any one Oracle wanted to get it out of the door. I got enough time to play around with Beta software, it was time well spent. Oracle’s product management team for OBIEE is very strong with detail knowledge and vision. By far 11g OBIEE will be one of the most successful products. As mentioned earlier I will talk about 11g in later blog releases.

Oracle Hardware + Software = Complete Solution
Oracle ACE Dinner : Commodore Cruises, Pier 40, San Francisco

Oracle ACE Dinner : Commodore Cruises, Pier 40, San Francisco

Oracle Hardware + Software = Complete Solution
Infosys CEO Kris Gopalakrishnan

Infosys CEO Kris Gopalakrishnan

Larry Taking Shot at Sales CEO Marc Benioff

Larry Taking Shot at Sales CEO Marc Benioff

My Favorite Shot : Think Tank Of Oracle. Mark Hurd

My Favorite Shot : Think Tank Of Oracle. Mark Hurd

Getting Ready for Party...

Getting Ready for Party... and Fergie and Fergie

People Enjoying the concert

People Enjoying the concert

Bloogers Meet

I did a detail blog on this, I won YES I won an apple TV for detailing the events. Python were great hosts. You can see the blog at

Over All

Over all 2010 was a great year, the most exciting part was 11g OBIEE release, still people are evaluating the release, but knowing Oracle, people will have to get on to the bandwagon sooner or later. This blog was just a mean, but more importanly wanted to wish all the readers, fellow bloggers and colleagues, Happy New Year. Be safe drive safe.

Till I write Next Time,

Sunil S Ranka
“Superior BI is the antidote to Business Failure”


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