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Real Obiee 11G Hero

Posted by sranka on June 23, 2011

At one of the current client, we had rough ride with pre as well as Post installation of OBIEE and Due to the complexity of newer architecture, we ran into several infrastructure and application problems. Oracle has done a great job in building the product, but embarking on journey of early adopter was not easy, after multiple support call, it was decided that Oracle would send their GEMS on site to do miracle. We had lower expectation looking at the magnitude of infrastructure issues, but after working with Matt Abrams (Seems like an ex Army, a tough guy with head strong and focused personnel), Olivier Bennardo (Guys in Leather Jacket) and Danny Edwin (Stripe Shirts) and Ahmed Shahzad Awan (Not in picture) and Steve Fitzgerald (Not in picture, Still I am wondering how much a person can do multi Tasking) things worked like charm. It almost felt that they has some Magic Wand and things just worked, I am just kidding. With immense knowledge of the subject and internal resources they could solve most of the issues in merely, less than two and half days. Yes!!!!! just two and half days, that’s why I call them — Real OBIEE 11g Real Hero — . I am hoping and wishing that you are your team get rewarded for all your hard work.

Olivier and Danny Thanks for all the help and Sub Way sandwich 🙂



One Response to “Real Obiee 11G Hero”

  1. obennardo said

    Thank you Sunil.
    Please include Ahmed Shahzad Awan to this contribution. He provided some of the tuning guidelines we applied.

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