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Issue with OBIEE GUID Referesh Documentation

Posted by sranka on June 23, 2011

Hi All

Several blogs have been written on detail step for Refreshing the User GUIDs, the oracle documents also details the steps. You can refer Oracle’s Document On How To Refresh GUIDs. But there is one key difference between the documented steps and the actual reality. After performing all the steps, you will see that your presentation server is taking too long to start. 

In Nutshell following are the steps :

  • In NQSConfig.INI file Locate the setting FMW_UPDATE_ROLE_AND_USER_REF_GUIDS = NO and change its value to YES.
  • Modify the instanceconfig.xml file to instruct Presentation Services to refresh GUIDs on restart. Edit the file to add the last line in the following instruction.                                                                                                                                              <ps:Catalog xmlns:ps=”″>
  • Stop and restart the managed processes using the opmnctl parameters stopall and startall.
  • Edit NQSConfig.INI file to reset the FMW_UPDATE_ROLE_AND_USER_REF_GUIDS = YES to NO and restart the Oracle BI Servers.
  • Comment UpdateAccountGUIDs , where  in document its mentions to Remove, set to none, or comment out


To avoid that issue, instead of making “UpdateAccountGUIDs” to “none” , you will need to comment the whole tag and than restart the services.

Hope This Helps

Sunil S Ranka
“Superior BI is the antidote to Business Failure”


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  1. yeah, I have the same problem…..

    […]Issue with OBIEE GUID Referesh Documentation « Sunil S. Ranka’s Weblog[…]…

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