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What a Year it was !!! 2011.. BI .. BI and More BI ..

Posted by sranka on December 29, 2011

Dear All,

Keeping on with the tradition of a yearly round-up this is the time of the year, where I take a moment and revisit, what happen in whole year.

Started 2011, on a low note with doing something different, preferably in the newer technology, 11G was the preferred choice, but buggy  release had put many customer on hold. But it was April, where I got an opportunity to work on 11G, that to also an unique project where OBIEE needed to be integrated with BW SAP. During the course met few smart and dedicated people.

2011, what a year, personally and professionally very satisfactory, ranging from learning technology, meeting smart people, meeting people who could influence me, winning awards, the list is end less, I wish this year had more than 12 months.

Oracle BI and 2011

This year 2011, specially has been a year of many excitement for an BI professional innovations, announcements, adoptions, budgets, you name it. Every thing was here.

Oracle announced 11G towards the end of 2010, but 2011 was the one where it picked up like a wild fire.

2011 was the year, Oracle competing with hardware vendors, Oracle’s Exadata did fairy well. Having worked on Teradata and some experience on Exadata, Oracle is fairing well on Exadata,  I dont have statistics, but performance wise I always felt Exadata was better than Teradata.. Oracle’s Exalytics seems to be by far answer to in memory analysis, especially target towards Essbase cubes. Over all was a satisfactory release. Oracle delivered on the promise and they were on the dot and target.

In 2012, Oracle’s investment in mobile, seems to be promising and with it will become more prominent, some of the Oracle Mobile demos at OOW were impressive. Oracle has no choice, but they are catching up and they are catching up faster than any one. Only player who I admire for mobility is Microstrategy, but with Oracle owning ERPs at most of the prominent places, OBIEE becomes default choice of the ecosystem.

( Oracle Open World )OOW-11

As usual OOW was great fun this year, thanks to technological innovations, content was not stale, with Exalytics, OBIEE, Essbase there was enough to be busy,confused and picky for 4 days.. Larry made it very interesting with pick on, last year it was IBM and this year it was “marc benioff’s” turn.

It was interesting to listen in to Larry and Marc on “What is Cloud ?” , for a moment we all felt that we all are in the midst of history where two giants are redefining the “CLOUD”, which we all thought is already a mature concept.

As usual Treasure Island party was a blast, “sting” was on the top of the world. Warmth of his singing, made all of us forget the chilliness of San Francisco Bay. It was great crowd, great fun.

Mark Hurd Interviewing with Bloomberg

Mark Hurd Interviewing with Bloomberg

Oracle Open World Showcase

Oracle Open World Showcase

Treasure Island Party

Treasure Island Party

Sting At Oracle Open World

Sting At Oracle Open World


Personally it was satisfactory year,

  • The project I implemented,won “Fusion Middleware Innovation Awards”
  • Implemented 11G with BW-SAP as datasource (odd, on which oracle also wouldn’t bet)
Oracle Fusion Middleware Innovation Award

Oracle Fusion Middleware Innovation Award

In all, satisfactory year, looking forward for the new year.

Wishing Every one a Happy and Prosperous New Year, Be Safe!!!!!!


Sunil S Ranka

“Superior BI is the antidote to Business Failure”


One Response to “What a Year it was !!! 2011.. BI .. BI and More BI ..”

  1. Shiva Rajagopal said

    I am glad you had a terrific year…… OBIEE 11G was a great improvement on 10G… but migration from 10G to 11G has had its share of woes… Since 11G has a new charting engine, some of the old functionality no longer works on 11G…. I do enjoy your postings…. Good luck and keep on posting


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