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Bye Bye 2012 !!! Welcome 2013

Posted by sranka on December 31, 2012

Hi All

It just seems like yesterday, but its again time of the year where we need to recap what took place last year. 2012 was a year of “World coming to an End“, Thank to God, IT directors didn’t think the same and didnot spent all the dollars. 2012 Year started on high note with 11G picking up its momentum.  But at point client took their own time to decide on upgrades. With bitten badly of older releases of OBIEE , the foul taste still didn’t leave customers too happy. was a solid answer to many questions and .6 followed the foot steps.

Year 2012 saw an increase trend in business looking for more agility and flexibility in BI solutions, oracle’s acquisition of  “Endeca” could be a potential solution. Next few releases we would see endeca and OBIEE getting a focal convergence.  Personally 2012 was a satisfactory year, changing roles from delivery to more strategic was one of the move I personally enjoyed. Few successful pre-sales engagements and client visit to Dubai were few memorable events.

2012 OOW, was a year of Oracle Cloud. A year back cloud was a box, but in 2012, the cloud was the only thing. Larry’s keynote was much awaited, right from db to application, everything was in cloud.2012 OOW, was a year of repeat content, but saw some improvement in software releases. Year after year presentations seemed the same. One thing which I personally liked was demo of Endeca’s integration with EBS.  This integration has tremendous potential, but time ahead would prove the facts. Hands on exposure to endeca, Exalytics was satisfactory. This year distinction at OOW was stress on Big Data. It was more on how to use Big Data technologies and oracle db.  Over all OOW 2012 was a time well spent affair.

Oracle Captions

Oracle Product Offerings at OOW-2012

Treasure Island Party

Treasure Island Party

Pearl Jam at OOW 2012

Pearl Jam at OOW 2012

Personally it was a satisfactory year, along with professional career, had a great joy of bundle with tiny 10 toes, a baby boy (Saarth). With Saarth’s arrival, now we have a complete family (Rinku – Wife, Samvi – Daughter, Saarth – Son ). Samvi was waiting for Saarth for a long time.

Along with this, I had my 1st media print on future of BI ( Article starts from Page 47).

In all 2012 was a satisfactory year, waiting for 2013. Thank You for all your continue support and looking forward for the same in 2013.

Wishing Every one a Happy and Prosperous New Year, Be Safe!!!!!!


Sunil S Ranka

“Superior BI is the antidote to Business Failure”


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