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How to find Oracle Integrated Lights Out Manager (ILOM) ip Address on Exalytics

Posted by sranka on September 3, 2013

Hi All

Recently while upgrading our Exalytics box from PS1 to PS3 for OBIEE patch-set, one of the requirement was to  upgrade firmware and to complete the firmware we needed ILOM address. During the upgrade team found out the default ILOM IP was not working and there was a change in the ILOM ip address. To confirm the ip address, we used below command, thanks to Oracle Support to prompt reply . Thought would be a good piece of information as most of the existing Exalytics customers are going through the upgrade.

To get the ILOM IP address please login as root and run following command ::

ipmitool sunoem cli "show /SP/network"

Once you run the above command, you will see below results and you would need to look for the ipaddress.

Connected. Use ^D to exit.

-> show /SP/network

 commitpending = (Cannot show property)
 dhcp_server_ip = none
 <strong>ipaddress =</strong>
 ipdiscovery = static
 ipgateway =
 ipnetmask =
 macaddress = 00:21:28:8E:10:E8
 managementport = /SYS/SP/NET0
 outofbandmacaddress = 00:21:28:8E:10:E8
 pendingipaddress =
 pendingipdiscovery = static
 pendingipgateway =
 pendingipnetmask =
 pendingmanagementport = /SYS/SP/NET0
 sidebandmacaddress = 00:21:28:8E:10:E9
 state = enabled

Hope this helps.

Sunil S Ranka

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