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Bye Bye 2013 !!! Year of Big Data

Posted by sranka on January 3, 2014

Hi All,

Wishing you all readers!! a very happy new year. 2013 is over and dawn of 2014 has arrived. It just feel like yesterday and now we are here sitting and waiting for the year number to change. By the time I am writting blog, Australia, Mumbai and Dubai has already seen the dawn of new year. Hoping to finish this writing before the dawn of New York

2013 A Year Of awareness and Adoption

What a year !!!! year of Big Data adoption, cloud BI , and year of crunching more and more data. Year started with client talking more about cohesive architecture of Traditional BI and Big Data.  Talked with many clients making them understand  need of Big Data and qualifying or disqualifying their Big Data use case.

From Strategy To Real World Use

Now that business analytics are here and enterprises are grappling with their own Big Data, it’s time to set some technical strategies in motion to harness these assets. Fortunately, solutions for the data center that can deliver both high performance computing (HPC) and Big Data analytics are becoming increasingly scalable and affordable, even for medium-size businesses. With availability of solutions , Big Data is getting easier and easier with more affordable options.

OOW 2013, year of America’s Cup, Cloud and Big Data !!!!

Open world was like a Saga,  Larry arranged a big red carpet with wide screen TV and live telecast of America’s cup. Never enjoyed a sport in this setting, a sport about which most of the viewer had no clue, but glued to the wide screen, cheering for Larry’s team. Larry did it again, by the time results were announced every one knew about the sports. In my memory 2013 OOW would remembered as America’s cup venue and “NO SHOW” from Larry. For me listing to Larry live is highlight of OOW, but luckily I caught him on Sunday. Hats Off!!! to  Thomas Kurian for jumping in live and show casing the demo , which had no meaning for most of the audiece, but I must say only LARRY ELLISION can do a NO SHOW in front of thousands of audience with strogest media presence. Still he is the most loved/hated technological person.

This year open world was all bout Cloud and Big Data, now one could say that oracle is not a cloud company, in memory database was another talk of the talk. Apart from few feature, there was not much in BI space. The best feature, so far I felt was self service option in Endeca. As usual, Big party at treasure Island was fun. 

OOW2013 OOW13-2 OOW13-1 OOW13-3

2014 would be a year of Big Data, it would be a natural conversion of BI customers to implement Big Data. 

2014 was a great year from personal as well professional point of view. We had our share of joy and happiness, with multiple flights and many segment, still managed to spent time with kids. With few regrets, looking forward for a positive outlook of 2014.

In all 2013 was a satisfactory year, waiting for 2014. Thank You for all your continue support and looking forward for the same in 2013.

Wishing Every one a Happy and Prosperous New Year, Be Safe!!!!!!


Sunil S Ranka

“Superior BI is the antidote to Business Failure”


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