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How To retrieve/backup Views In Endeca

Posted by sranka on January 3, 2014

Hi All,

Last few weeks I have been engaged with a customer, helping them them with remediation of Endeca project. During remediation, faced a typical challenge, where all the graphs and EQLs were erroring out. After doing some research found out that its a known issue . I spent good amount of time on this issue, hence thought of sharing this trivial but useful information .

Issue :

Endeca views gets lost during development, causing all the dependent Graphs, EQLs to error out.

Root Cause :

Unknown ( Could be a potential product Issue)

Solution :

After adding all the view definitions, run Export View definition Graph provided by endeca example, see below link for details.

after running the Export Graph, the view definitions gets stored in a XML file in view-manager directory under config-in , see the picture below :


Take a back-up of the file  and store at secured location or version control the file. In case of a view definition lose, Go to integration server URL and click on following :

SandBox –> Project Name –>Config-in –> View-manager –> viewDefinition.xml –> fileEditor


Copy paste the content and hit UpdateFile button. Once you click on UpdateFile button, than run the Import View Definition , shown in the graph below.

Hope this helps

Sunil S Ranka

“Superior BI is the antidote to Business Failure”


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