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More Animals in Big Data Zoo – Big Data Landscape for 2016

Posted by sranka on March 26, 2016

Hi All

While surfing net stumbled upon Big Data Landscape for 2016 image and it was very impressive to see many more new Animals in Big Data Zoo.


New Animals

Hope This Helps

Sunil S Ranka


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Oracle Apache Hadoop Hive ODBC Driver For OBIEE

Posted by sranka on July 3, 2013

Hi All,

Last few months have been a crazy ride, wrapping up on new opportunities and getting upto speed on Hadoop took all the free time away . During my read on Hadoop , I always wondered why we dont have out of the box ODBC driver? I tried using out of the box ODBC driver given by HortonWorks and it worked up to certain extend but running using cloudera was a challenge. Finally to the sigh, with Oracle has introduced Oracle Apache Hadoop Hive ODBC Driver For OBIEE.

So far extracting the data using Hadoop have never been a challenge, but using the data to make sense out of it has been a constant challenge.  With this integration, there would be some amount of relief with the existing investment people have made in OBIEE. Hive’s SQL dialect, called HiveQL doenst support the full SQL-92 specification, please refer Metadata Repository Builder’s Guide for not supported features.

For details on where to start please refer Metadata Repository Builder’s Guide.  For importing the metadata from Hive you will have to download ODBC driver from oracle support web, for details please refer DocID 1520733.1 .

In coming weeks I will be working more on Big Data approach and Solutions. 

Hope this helps

Sunil S Ranka

“Superior BI is the antidote to Business Failure



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People who all influenced me in Year 2011

Posted by sranka on December 29, 2011

Dear All,

I was sitting around and thinking about few people , whom I met during the course of 2011, some of them left a mark and impression, hence thought of mentioning them in words.

Personally it was satisfactory year,

  • The project I implemented,won “Fusion Middleware Innovation Awards”
  • Implemented 11G with BW-SAP as datasource (odd, on which oracle also wouldn’t bet)
Oracle Fusion Middleware Innovation Award

Oracle Fusion Middleware Innovation Award

  • Met some of the people whom I had always admired likes of murali subramanian and Balaji Yelamanchili from Oracle, Ming Tsai of infosys to mention few.
Murali Subramanian, GM Oracle , India

Murali Subramanian Larry Ellison Of Oracle, India

During my day at Oracle, Murali was talk of town, he was first one to venture into India and grew Oracle’s IDC (India Development Center) from no where to little over 10,000 people in couple of years. I would attribute most of Oracle’s outsourcing success to Murali. 2 hours I spent with him were one of the most cherished moment of OOW and 2011. A truly amazing and down to earth personality.

Balaji Yelamanchili

Balaji Yelamanchili From Oracle

I had opportunity to meet Balaji during collaborate-11 at florida, on behalf of BIWA board, I had invited him as a featured guest. His candid personality was simply astonishing, in spite of being at the that level his eagerness to learn BI was commendable. His customer focused attitude helped one of our key customer to go live against all odds. I heard him again at OOW-11, his transformation from EMC, Documentum to Oracle BI is simply amazing. In all, Oracle BI is in safe hands.

Ming Tsai From Infosys, Managing Director & Chief Client Officer

Ming Tsai From Infosys, Managing Director & Chief Client Officer

I had heard Ming on couple of occasions (OOW-10 and OOW-11), his unique style of presentation had made an impact, even though during OOW-10, kris gopalakrishnan’s presentation was dry, Ming made it interesting, he did justice once again to S.D. Shibulal’s OOW-11 presentation. His stage presence and charisma is some thing adorable. I run into Ming Tsai, during OOW’s Treasure Island party. He was nice and kind enough to spend some time,talk and most importantly he helped setting up camera for nice shot. In short he is well rounded .

Met few more smart people , The Real OBIEE 11G Heros, please read post

Thanks You All for reading following.

Hoping and wishing you all a happy and prosperous new year. Be safe and enjoy.

Sunil S Ranka

“Superior BI is the antidote to Business Failure”

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My Tag Line :: “Superior BI is the antidote to Business Failure”

Posted by sranka on December 8, 2009

Been thinking about a Tag line, a line in which I would believe. I wanted to come up with something of my own. After reading several white papers, one thing was clear that why we need BI? and answer was simple; using which business can be  run successfully or a system using which will help running business and achieving company goals. After giving few days worth though I was convinced that “Superior BI is the antidote to Business Failure” would be my tag line.

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Hello world!

Posted by sranka on May 19, 2008

Hi All

Been thinking about writing blogs for a while, but I guess things only happens only when they really happens. “Hello World” reminds me my 1st year engineering days, C class and the 1st program was “Hello Word”. Very important word. I would say that class is the the class which is paying for my bills. Its 10:42PM here and guess time to sleep but one more day passed with the thoughts of doing some thing different and big for the world or big in the world. I am confident that I will make it big.  I am not meant for what I am doing today. Doesn’t mean I am not good in what I am doing, but can be much better in other things. Need a push and things will happen .

Well its the 1st blog, don’t anticipate many people to read this, but will have at least one reader. My wife Rinku or may be my computer savy dad Sampatrajji Ranka.

See ya guys

Sunil S Ranka

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