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  1. Siva said

    Hi Sunil,

    Your quick response is highly appreciated.
    Below is the business scenario:

    We are using OBI EE
    1). Date Prompt (Start Date & End Date — Dashboard Prompt)
    2). Product Category Prompt.

    When we click on the single go button for the above two prompts

    a). If the recordcount is less than or equal to 65000 then the report should be displayed in the dashboard. for displaying this we don’t any issues.

    b). But for below.
    If the data is more than 65000, then the report should not display instead of that “A message should be displayed” like Count is more than 65000, then the user should be able to download the data in to CSV file. As huge amount of data will be populated in the data mart per day (data feed from source system — Atleast 5 lakhs of data per day).

    Let me know whether we need to write any Java script for the above scenario.

    In the BMM layer we are planning to have only the Join conditions between the fact & dimension tables (Complex joins).

    Also please let us know whether we will have any performance considerations if we populate the only the basic join conditions in the physical layer and in the BMM layer. All the calculated condition will be taken care off in the Data Mart.

    Thanks in Advance

  2. Razi said

    Hi Ranka,

    This blog is really excellent.
    But we are having the scenario where:

    In the Date Promt when the user select more than 1 day in the date between prompt, then the message should be display as “Select data only for 1 day”.

    Can you please send the Java script for restricting the user to select only 1 day and then display the above message.

    Also please let me know how to add more conditions to narrow it down to a single edit box in a particular page.

  3. Pablo Sanchez said

    Hello, maybe you can help me with the following:

    Is it possible to design a drill down in which when we perform a drill the child level is shown in place as a collapse layer without hiding the other parent levels, somehow a drill down which works as hidden panels where is the child level and clicking the parent level are expanded in place, but having the possibility to expand another parent level and see in place the two expanded parent levels with their respective child levels shown.


  4. Usha said

    Hi Sunil,

    am little bit cunfused in your solution(Bread Crumbs).

    My requirement is:
    Country:->India,State:->Andhra Pradesh,City:->Hyderabad

    this has to change dynamically based on selecting user

    Can you just tell me about this how to implement this and what is the java script for this


  5. suma said

    can u help me how 2 practise obiee,iam new 2 this,
    i have knowledge in siebel crm can u help me pls

  6. Siva said

    Hi Sunil,

    Can you please let me know how to integrate JSP page in to OBI EE and in production we are using IIS as web server.

    Also please let me know with web server it is compatable.

    Thanks in Advance

  7. Jyothish said

    Hi Sunil,

    Thanks for your blog entries. I got hope on seeing your blog. I am in search of implementing the following functionality for quite sometime but could not able to find the solution.
    Below is the business scenario:

    In OBIEE we can show indicators like yellow, red and green button kind of images if they satisfy a particular condition. My requirement is if I click on one such indicator some requests should automatically change in that dashboard page. That means on click of the indicator certain value should be passed to certain answer requests on dashboard and they should refresh accordingly. How to pass value by clicking on indicator. Eg: I am having three indicators on Dashboard red, yellow and green. If I click on red ‘AMER’ value should pass to certain answer requests and
    if I click on yellow ‘APAC’ value should pass to certain answer requests and
    Ig I click on green ‘EMEA’ value should pass to certain answer requests.
    Could you please reply to if you have any idea.

    Thanks in Advance

  8. Sheetal Kasliwal said

    Hi Sunil,

    It was great to meet you on Saturday.
    Good to know that you have a DJ and Karaoke group.
    We should meet some day and do some jamming together.
    How many people you have in your group? When do you guys meet? Where do you practice?
    What kind of songs do you guys sing?
    Please let me know more about your group.


  9. Vithal said

    Hi Sunil – did you ever experienced or heard of the below weird issue with OBI server:

    There is a scenario in obiee need some help with this, where a OBI server (service) is restarting because of the hanging sessions in the RPD. Let me explain this in detail

    recently we were seeing lot of server bounces during the busiest usage of the application, when we digged into the details, we found that some of the hanging sessions were causing the server restart. This is wierd right, i thought so too, so whats happening basically is there is a cache file that is created by this hanging session that the obiee is not able to delete during the event poll trigger to dump the cache. so if we manually kill any such sessions by opening the rpd online, the server restart doesnot happen, but the real question is why would a session hang in the rpd and stay there in rpd for 3 or 4 days, even if the user did not login to the application in the last 3 days.

    We have a 60 min idle session timeout at the presentation layer, which is exactly the same as SSO timeout

    Does anyone have faced such scenario with OBIEE?


  10. Raja said

    Hi Sunil,
    I am a part of OBIEE 11g implmentation project and we are thinking to use Oracle OLAP cubes along with OBIEE to improve the performance levels. But not yer finalised on this front.

    I would like to know the possibility, whether we can use OLAP cubes with OBIEE for few of the Facts/dimension tables instead of using for all. Also can you please let me know the Pros/cons of using OLAP cubes with OBIEE? I would appreciate if you can share your thoughts on this at the earliest.

    Thanks in advance,

  11. Kalyan said

    Could you explain steps on integrating obiee with ebs?

  12. Jagan said

    Hi Sunil,

    Please find my requirement below…

    Assuming that I have 2 prompts.. serial number and sequence number

    Note : It is an Multi select prompt.

    If I select serial number prompt then Sequence Number prompt should get disabled..
    As same If I select Sequence Number prompt then serial number prompt should get disabled..

    Either Serial Number or Sequence Number should get disabled based on the selected prompt..

    Is there a way to achieve the same via adding some external JavaScript for the same..

    Any valuable inputs will be appreciated..

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