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My Music and DJ Group

Music and Marketing is some thing what I always loved, to accomplish that dream I manage a Professionally run Music Group. We are team of Professional running Sargam Sangeet Group, a Professional Musical Group as Hobby and every one knows –”Best Music is Played By People, Who Do it As Hobby”. We do DJ, Karaoke, and Live Singing for Parties, wedding receptions, birthdays, corporate parties and other occasions. Do let me know if you and your friends need any of these kinds of services.

I can be reached at 408 242 8232

Looking Forward to hear from you.

Sunil S Ranka
(Marketing Manager)


One Response to “My Music and DJ Group”

  1. Deepti Singh said

    I have read “How To Implement Breadcrumb in OBIEE / Siebel Analytics”.I have understood it but I have doubt on how to implement it,where need to wirte the javascript and can we go back in steps like from month -> quarter,quarter -> year.


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