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Accessing HDFS files on local File system using mountableHDFS – FUSE

Posted by sranka on April 9, 2015

Hi All

Recently we had one requirement wherein we had to merge the files post Map and Reducer job. Since the file needed to be given to the outbound team outside of Hadoop development team, having these files on local system would have been ideal. The customer IT team worked with cloudera and gave us a mount point using a utility/concept called “mountableHDFS” aka FUSE (Filesystem in Userspace)  .

mountableHDFS, helps allowing HDFS to be mounted (on most flavors of Unix) as a standard file system using the mount command. Once mounted, the user can operate on an instance of hdfs using standard Unix utilities such as ‘ls’, ‘cd’, ‘cp’, ‘mkdir’, ‘find’, ‘grep’

For more details on mountableHDFS :

For how to configure on cloudera :


Special thanks to Aditi Hedge for bringing to my attention.

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